Our Prospectus

SERAPHIM's natural environment and modes of amusement help children grow up the way they should. Parents appreciate having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that children are being supervised and taught by caring and capable guides and supportive staff in a safe and happy environment.

SERAPHIM has a colourful, attractive and well maintained surrounding which is a child's dreamland and provides specially designed rich learning material and scope for creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Story Telling, Dressing Up, Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Clay Modelling, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting etc., help the child in understanding different aspects of life. Audio - visual methods are used, which greatly enhance the child's perception and understanding.

Outdoor games include Jig-Saw Puzzles, swings, jungle-gym, merry-go-round, play-house, slides and lot of other amusements. A wide range of activities included in their schedule are - singing, listening to stories, group projects, nature walk and outdoor games. These activities provide opportunities for creativity, physical co-ordination, social skills, and practical emotional maturity.

We celebrates various functions like Rabindra Jayanti, Worker's Day, Teacher's Day, Foundation Day, Independence Day, Children's Day, Children's Birthdays, Sports Day /Annual Function and other social gatherings.

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Environmental Experiences

Seraphim Nursery School, Konnagar

Tomorrow's leaders need to be equipped for tomorrow's challenges, and we must adequately prepare our children for the future they will inherit. That requires a commitment to provide children with environmental education that helps them become the educated thought leaders of tomorrow.